Premium Organic Mixers

We thought it was time to show mixers some Phoenix love, so we've poured our 20 years of organic crafting experience into a range worthy of pairing with the very best spirits. Our mixers have been designed to deliver an authentic, clean taste with the perfect blend of natural ingredients and the ideal level of effervescence. You'll naturally taste the difference. Keep your spirits happy.

Organic Sodas

Our range of sodas has always been made the traditional way using no GE and the best organic ingredients. Have you tried our new Zero Sugar Cola which joined the line up earlier this year?

Organic Switchels

A delicious combination Apple Cider Vinegar, organic juice and sparkling water.

Organic Juices

Delicious fruity goodness liberated from any GE or artificial stuff.

Sparkling Infusions

Sparkling water infused with soul-refreshing, sophisticated flavours. Refreshingly light, with a delicate bite, they are a great accompaniment to any meal. Distinctive and modern with up to 50% less sugar than our juice based alternatives.

Sparkling Juices

Full-flavoured sparkling grape juice for a little bit of indulgence.

Special Collection

A special collection of our Phoenix favourites.