Product Recall

Phoenix 330ml Cola (single and 6 x 4pack), Lemonade, Light Cola, Orange Fizz & Raspberry Fizz.

Best Before Dates: 13/04/16 to 07/07/16.

For full details — see Latest News in link below.

Love Music. Love Organic

Love Phoenix Drinks.

Our roots go back to 1986, when three friends set out to make natural, organic drinks without cutting corners.

It's a labour of love to source the best organic and GE free ingredients. Our drinks are created with love. Hope you feel it.

Organic Creation

We've been committed since day 1, striving to create organic drinks with a splash of soul. From our original Ginger Beer, brewed with real ginger, to our apple and guava juices.

Organic Carbonates

Soft drinks made the
traditional way since 1986.

Coming Soon Carbonates

Sparkling Water

with no GE ingredients
and no added sugar.

Sparkling Water

Organic Juices

Delicious fruity goodness liberated
from any GE or artificial stuff.

Coming Soon Juices

Energy drink

Good Energy
without the nasties.


Artesian Sparkling


The Natural Chai
and Lemon Toddy.



Last year the Phoenix Love Project removed over 5,000 litres of rubbish from our world famous beaches. This year, we are partnering with Sustainable Coastlines to improve our river water quality, through community riparian planting projects throughout New Zealand. Help us plant over 7,500 trees through June to September 2015 and help keep this country beautiful.

click here to be a legend and get involved.



We all know that 85% of our rivers aren't fit for swimming after it rains and so we’re helping communities to help with the problem at it’s source by setting up riparian planting events. Plants purify water - simple! The project also involves running 'Event Management' training sessions for people who want to take the next step in making a difference, by helping to run tree planting or clean ups across the nation.

To sign up for a planting or training event in your community, visit

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